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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

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OTABU has set the following Objectives to meet the policy statement

  • • Attain IMS & ISO 27001:2013 Accreditation.
  • • Appoint Competent Auditors & Technical Experts in all sectors.
  • • Follow the Guides provided by the Accreditation Board.
  • • Maintain impartiality & confidentiality between OTABU & their customers & certification personnel of OTABU.
  • • Maintaining 100% risk control approach in our documents, staff, auditors, technical experts & services.
  • • To provide all customers need information, documents & updating procedures on OTABU website.
  • • To use minimum Paper & files in the Certification Process to maintain green environment.

Impartiality Policy

Otabu Global Services Management is committed to ensure that the all Management system Certification activities are undertaken in an impartial and unbiased manner's Otabu Global Services personnel either internal or external committees...


Our Vision

To become a leading certification body known globally and recognized as "commited to the audit concept" for providing "not just certificate" Certification...


Appeal and Complaints

The purpose of this procedure is to outline the process that should eventuate in the event that a complaint or appeal is received from customers, certified organizations and other parties in regards to the rules, policies, procedures , certification decisions, or overall Otabu Global Services operations.


Otabu Global Services Pvt. Ltd is managed by a group of professionals having vast experience in Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Management Systems certification, Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems, Occupational Health Safety with a commitment to provide non-discriminatory, integrated, independent and impartial services to customers.

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